Book Review 1: The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor

So I just finished reading Rise of the Governor by Kirkman and Bonansinga. Honestly I was super excited for this book when I first heard about it, I mean it was a chance to explore the wider world of Walking Dead. Sadly it’s a slow book that, while having a great ending, is paced like the comics. Don’t get me wrong I love the Walking Dead comics, but a slow 30 page issue is different then 30 pages of slowness in a book. In the book it rises and falls like a comic book series, which works wonderfully… for comic books, where the reader is not only reading a page but looking at fantastic art.  As i stated earlier, 30 slow pages in a comic book is different then 30 slow pages in a book, because 30 slow pages in the Walking Dead books is backed up by Charlie Adlard’s amazing art work. In the book Kirkman and Bonansinga over describe things, almost to the point where it reads as a guide for an artist…. which is tiresome for a reader. Also there is little that one can connect to in regards to character. This book took me way longer then it should have to read and honestly I doubt I will ever re read it. That being said, if you are a fan of the comic book series you must read this book…. this book is full of little things that connect Rick’s party to the Governor in ways that they would never know and while it’s a slow read the ending is worth it to any fan.


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