Andrew’s Pull List – Week 1

This is the first in a weekly series of reviews of my pull list… also my return to reviews in general. I finally have the spare time to review stuff again so very much want to.

Also as always… SPOILERS!!! ahead.

SO this series will focus on the comic books I buy each week. This one is a short one featuring only 3 titles, Swamp Thing #34, New Avengers #22 and finally Kick-Ass 3 #8.

1) SWAMP THING #34. “The Wolf and the Lady part 2” by Charles Soule with art by Javier Pina.

So this issue wraps up the story line with characters The Wold and The Lady of the Weeds, former avatars pulled into the real world after the destruction of the Parliament of the Trees. This has been brewing through several issues and has finally come to a head with the wounding of Brother Jonah.

Brother Jonah, knowing that he is dying, says goodbye to his lover Capucine as Alec Holland returns him to the Green to act as regent and caretaker wile Holland is buying tracking down Wolf and Lady as they go on a killing spree. Wolf, now a hideous clawed monster, turns on the Lady,kills himself and ends this arc. Capucine, seeking revenge, corners Lady of the Weeds in an ambulance and, instead of killing her, cripples her instead.

This issue is a solid ending to a decent arc. I was a little bummed that Jonah and Wolf are gone and that Lady of the Weeds is crippled but I am pretty excited that hse is not dead and gone. I look forward to her coming back with powers or somehow mobile again. Overall though the reveal of new villain Calculus has me worried that it’s going to get Cosmic and weird.

The art is as good as always, I love how Pina draws Swamp Thing. He is very floral, but also very obviously dangerous. The way a rose has thorns. I honestly really hope that the art and story keep going strong but really worry that it probably won’t.

3.5 out of 5. I really enjoy the art and the story was a good wrap up for a solid story. It could have been better  honestly but I enjoyed it.

2) New Avengers # 22, “We Are Not Brothers” by Jonathan Hickman, art by Kev Walker

This issue continues the ongoing series arc of the death of the Multiverse. It picks up directly where the last issue left off. This issue deald with he fall out from Namor destroying the alternative Earth. In this issue the Namor/Black Panther feud came to a head.

I seriously love this comic and this issue did not let me down. I seriously cannot tell people to buy this book enough! I love that it is a fairly dark story about the fall of some of the World’s Greatest  Heroes. For a Marvel book the stakes are crazily high and the effects are permanent  and damning.

The art is once again amazing! The art for New Avengers is a key component to what makes this issue, and most New Avenger’s issues, a 5 out of 5. Go. Buy. This. Book.

3) Kick Ass 3 #8, written by Mark Millar with art by John Romita Jr.

Honestly I wish I could fill you in no the back story but all I remember is that Hit girl was awesome in jail, ran the place, and got broken out by Red Mist to reign death and destuction on his Uncle. Kick Ass has a girlfriend, there was a gang, and Kick Ass got his ass kicked (I know how that sound… sorry). This issue was the “Grand Finale”, Hit Girl kills a bunch of dudes, Kick Ass kills some people after getting and beaten down and the story ends with a montoge of happy endings for most characters left alive.

I didn’t really care for this ending. It was good, it made sense, but it was lacking the punch that other issues and the other two stories had. I really wish this had gone another way, plus the final three pages, which I won;t talk to much about, was kind of a slap in the face based on what I heard this story was going to be.

The art was John Romita Jr through and through, it works for Kick Ass and Hitgirl but not so much for Captain America Superman. I enjoy the art for how it works with the story they are telling, I couldn’t picture Hit Girl and Kick Ass any other way.

This issue gets a 3.5 out of 5. It was still a solid issue and a decent ending for the story. It could have been better but many books could have been, its a mediocre ending to a once great book.



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