Movie Review # 1: Guardians of the Galaxy

So this is my first movie review since my return to reviewing and I must say this is going to be an easy one.

This movie was fantastic. I loved it.

Ok well… seems like we’re done here.



Oh ya… Spoilers…. duh



But no seriously this movie was excellent. I don’t know what Marvel and Disney are paying their casting directors but it’s not enough. Chris Pratt was excellently cast and played the role of Peter Quill/Star Lord phenomenally well. They played to his comedic strengths and allowed him to go outside of the box a bit with some action sequences and some truly dramatic moments. I am honestly a huge fan of Chris Pratt so I was going to love him in the movie either way but they really managed to make the comedy, drama and action flow organically. It was goofy but in a natural way, the best example I can think of is the dance off with Ronan to him diving for the Infinity Gem (whoops I mean Stone) knowing it will probably kill him.

His supporting cast also worked so brilliantly with his character. They all had their distinct back stories and personalities but played off of the sarcastic humor of Peter Quill quite nicely. Batista as Drax was surprising since I know him from wrestling and, with the exception of the Rock, wrestlers transiting into films rarely do well. He played the character exceptionally and with him not understanding metaphors, a cultural quirk, he had some truly funny lines. Always remember… Drax is not a princess! Gamora was your standard issued female assassin, also sadly the first of few problems with the film. Her big betrayal of Thanos happened off screen and very early on in the movie… everyone is just supposed to trust her which I found hard to believe. Rocket was amazing and played excellently by Bradley Cooper. I honestly hated the casting decision at first but loved it as soon as he appeared. I am Groot. I Am Groot. i am groot. Even Michael Rooker as Yondu (an addition from the original comics) was awesome, the changes they made to one of my all time favorite Marvel Cosmic characters felt natural in this.

Everything about this movie was pretty solid, the soundtrack, the effects, the cgi… everything rocked.

I had a couple of issues with a few very small things. I didn’t like Gamora’s unexplained betrayal and acceptance by the team. It felt rushed and hollow. I also didn’t like Thanos first speaking appearance in this film. It fit the movie and was a great and exciting scene but it felt a little out of place and was a little underwhelming for the first time we see and hear the Mad Titan. I expected a more prominent role if this was going to be the big reveal and was a little let down. I also didn’t get Ronan’s ship and honestly, it wasn’t until I was talking to a co worker (you know who you are, if you read this), that I realized why. If the Kree and the Xanadarians, who seemed a little underpowered considering they were supposed to be the Nova Corps but I kind of liked that fact, were fighting and the Black Aether was an example of a Kree ship… how did the Xandarians not get curb stomped into oblivion. They had a really hard time defending their planet from one ship and lost a huge chunk of their fleet. I realize that it was obviously a Sakarran ship since it was crewed by them but they never mention that fact and the probably should have. These are all very easy issues to overlook and there are more then I listed here but honestly I didn’t care enough about the problems to really be distracted by any more then these headscratchers, except for one. 

I was really looking forward to seeing Nathan Fillion on screen since his cameo was hyped up a lot in the media, at least the media I follow. I also love this man, seriously he is my favorite actor still acting and I watch far more of his work then I probably should. I would have loved to see him as a Ravager (in a brown coat!) or even as a Nova (instead of British guy from Shaun of the Dead) but instead he was “Monstrous Inmate” and his voice was so edited I didn’t even pick up it was him until I read his name in the credits.

Anyways that’s all I can really say about this film. It’s awesomeness, go see it, go buy it. 5 out of 5. Though, and I may catch some shit for it, I didn’t like it as much as the Avengers.


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