Andrew’s Pull List – Week 2

It’s a bigger week this week, 5 titles in all, and it’s Marvel heavy.

1) Constantine #17. “Bits and Pieces” by Ray Fawkes with art by Edgar Salazar.

This book I buy regardless whether I  like it or not, i feel i need to support a Constantine book. The best Constantine was Hellblazer and they sadly ended it and rejoined Constantine in the new 52. So far I haven;t really cared or followed the story of Constantine since few issues actually come close to the awesomeness that was Hellblazer. That being said the art is always solid and this issue wasn’t have bad. It’s just not as good as Hellblazer.

It’s always a 2.5/5 with this one.

2) Amazing X – Men # 10, “World War Wendigo part 3” by Craig Kyle and Chris Yost, art by Carlo Barberi and Iban Coello.

I always look forward to this book. Craig Kyle and Chris Yost are excellent at writing Mutant characters and have written some of my  favorite titles and keep delivering with this one. A team made up of some of my favorite characters (including Colossus and Nightcrawler, my two all time favorite characters) and including one of my favorite teams of all time, Alpha Flight, they are really delivering an interesting story of the Wendigo. I love that it’s a throwback to the first time that Alpha Flight and the x – Men crossed paths. Either way it’s awesome.

it’s 4/5 this time. There is one thing that stopped it being awesome, that one thing is the fact that the Wendigo curse only affects people on Canadian soil, the minute they leave Canada they turn back into humans. I mean every one knows that an ancienct Native American curse would recognize a border created by white men thousands of years later. Duh.

3) Walking Dead #130, “There Were Whispers and I was Afraid” written by Robert Kirkman with art by Charlie Adlard.

This book is amazing, if you are buying comics and this is not on your list you are a fool. Every month it’s amazing and thats all I wanna say because I don;t want to risk spoilers.

it’s 5/5. Duh.

4) Nightcrawler #5, “” written by Chris Claremont with art by Todd Nauck.

This was a filler issue with Nightcrawler finding his place at the school as a Danger Room instructor. It was a little touchy feely but Nightcrawler has always been an emotional character. It was well done and set up what could be a fun story with him and a student. I also was really happy to see him and Phoenix in the old training black/blue and yellow uniforms. These have been a staple of all X-generations, students adopting a personalized uniform after “graduating”.

It’s a 3/5. The issue is mainly a bridge issue and it feels like one. Still it’s setting up fun things.

5) Inhuman #3, “Part 3: They Fall” written by Charles Soule with art by Joe Madureira.

This book is interesting if you are into the Inhumans. Personally they are the only thing from the Fantastic Fout universe that I actually care for. This issue brought together the two groups of Inhumans, forming them into a united front against some unnamed threat on it’s way. It’s kind of a dull story and I am really into the book to see more about Inhuman culture less about the actually story. But it’s well drawn and interesting.

3.5/5. I can;t give it any higher because I don;t really care about the story that much, like I said I am more interested in the glimpses of Inhuman culture we see.


See ya next week.


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