Andrew’s Pull List – Week 5

Hey everyone who reads these things. I skipped last week simply due to the fact that I was in the midst of a moved that ended up going rather terribly. I just decided to skip last week instead of doing a quick half – assed review of my books. On the plus side, if you like my reviews you soon may be able to read them elsewhere! Details to come at a later date.

This week there are only 2 books. Swamp Thing, the only book I actually have on my pull list that I bought this week, and the Death of Wolverine, which I saw and ought since I only had one book.

1) Swamp Thing: Futures End #1. “The Zeugma” by Charles Soule with art by Jesus Saiz.

This issue was ok but rather confusing. I don’t follow the main DCU so I have no idea what the “Future’s End”  subtitle is supposed to mean, all I know is that it’s 5 years in the future, all the avatars are locked away in their own realms, including 2 I have never seen, Bacteria and Metal. It seems they made a deal with the Spectre or something I honestly was lost and hope that the books don’t work their way to this point in 5 years… Anyways Alec Holland visits the realms and eventually deals with Arcane who somehow got out of his Green Prison. This whole issue seemed like the ending of a story that won’t start for 4 more years and I honestly didn’t like it. 

This issue is a 2/5. I loved the art as always, seeing the different realms and the the different avatars was neat as always but the story just seemed strange and out of place. I didn’t like that it was set so far in the future it was completely disconnected from anything going on in the current books. So far into the future that we are years away from anything in the books connecting to this story. It felt more like an Elseworld’s book then anything else. The holographic cover was also unnecessary.

2) Death of Wolverine # 1 of 4 by Charles Soule, art by Steve McNiven.

Apparently all I wanted to read this week was Charles Soule. I picked this book up because honestly I only had 1 book and wanted to read another and it was a number 1 so why not. Honestly it was an interesting volume and it was good. I am going to pick up the rest since it’s only 4 issues. Apparently this is supposed to b it for dear old Wolvie… he is not supposed to survive and not supposed to come back. I really hope that Marvel has the balls to actually keep a major character dead. I will believe it when I see since Captain America, Jean Grey, Charles Xavier and Nightcrawler have all died before, among countless others, and they have all come back. I am tired of Wolverine anyways, he is everywhere all the time, I think it would be unique if they left him permanently dead but we will see.
Surprisingly 4/5. It was so close to a 5/5 but the 4.99 price point and like 15+ pages of “bonus content” at the back dropped it down one. The story was good, I can;t wait to see where it goes and the art was surprisingly awesome as well. The beach of dead assassins from numerous recognizable societies is pretty sweet as well.
That’s all for now, I will be posting another review soon hopefully with a link to where you can find further writings by me… if you like these kind of things.
Thanks for reading.

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