Tv Review #1: Running Wild with Bear Grylls – Season 1

I love Bear Grylls… like seriously, I dig his shit. I have watched all of his with zeal and vigor and this one was no different.

It was a great show with a basic plot structure.

Step 1: Bear picks up celebrity in helicopter and they get off the helicopter in some cool way.

Step 2: The climb up/down some cliff and do some replling. While talking about where they are from.

Step 3: Tea time and deep discussions about what drives them in their career.

Step 4: Climb up/down to their campsite while eating weird things.

Step 5: Sleep

Step 6: Comedic late night/ early morning wake up videos.

Step 7: Live altering dangerous situation.

Step 8: Reflection.

It was a pretty good series and the celebrities all were neat to see out in the wild trying to overcome crazy situations. There are like 5 things you really need to know though.

1: Zac Efron and Channing Tatum are freaking adorable with Bear. They make me hate myself for liking both of them so much more for it.

2: Ben Stiller seems a bit like a drunk at the beginning of the show and suprisingly doesn’t get funnier.

3: Tom Arnold is a surprising bad ass.

4: Bear, with his bare hands, catches a trout that has to be hidden from a bear. Just think about the 3 different bears… it’s funny… I swear it is.

5: Deon Saunders is kind of a wuss and seems a little crazy.

This show was great, I want another season. 5/5.

Oh and in other news You can also see reviews written be me, once a week at I just posted a review of Through The Woods, an excellent graphic novel by Emily Carroll, go read it…. like NOW! We are done here…


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