Andrew’s Pull List – Week 6

So this is a big week, I have 7 books up Including new issues of Walking Dead, Nightcrawler and Constantine. Welp lets hop right on in.

1) Nightcrawler. “The Zeugma” by Chris Claremont with art by Todd Nauck.

This issue was ok. But only ok. It was interesting to see Nightcrawler and this new mutant Rico on an adventure but overall it was a generic, boring, comic. I worry I am rather outgrowing this book.

This issue is a 2/5. And it honestly only gets this score because it was Nightcrawler… no one else would get this score. The story was dull, the new characters are under spoken and uninteresting and the art was generic and not spectacular. This book is on it’s last legs with me.

2) Death of Wolverine # 2 of 4, “Poison” by Charles Soule, art by Steve McNiven.

This was another surprisingly solid issue of this book. I really like how Charles Soule is tying the history of Wolverine together, if really is starting to feel like an end for this character. Just please oh please make it permanent… or at least treat him like you treated Xavier in Amazing X – Men…. just don’t bring him back in a month and be like… “Psych! We killed his clone!” or something equally stupid.

4/5… everything was fairly solid in this book. It honestly would be 5/5 if I knew for sure they were not going to revive him right away.

3) Constantine: Futures End # 1, “Weighing the Heart” by Ray Fawkes, art by Juan Ferreyra.

This book made me sad because it was actually finally good. This was so close to feeling like Hellblazer that I hope it stays this way but I know it won’t. I love John Constantine, seriously for some reason he is my all time favorite comic book character and I don’t understand why but I just fell for him. This new one is not John Constantine… I am disappointed, but this single issue made it so much better.

4/5 shockingly… ever the art feels like old Constantine. It was great… keep it up…  DC please… keep it up.

4) Hawkeye # 20, by Matt Fraction, art by Annie Wu.

This book is awesome and I hate that it is ending :(.

5/5. See above for why.

5) Avengers # 34.1, “The World in His Hands” by Al Ewing, art by Dale Keown.

This book was dumb. It was unnecessary and Hyperion or wtf  ever his name is didn’t need his own issue. It was boring.

1/5. The art was as boring as the story… thank goodness the next issue is supposed to be epic.

6) Inhuman # 5, “Empty Throne” by Charles Soule, art by Ryan Stegman.

This book is also on it’s last legs with me. It started as an awesome idea where I get to see new Inhumans, but now it’s just getting old and complicated. I am quickly falling out of love with Charles Soule when I read this.

3/5 on this one. It was safely in the middle.

7) The Walking Dead # 131, “Poison” by Robert Kirkman, art by Charlie Adlard.



Wow that was long. Anyways so in case you guys didn’t hear I will also be doing a weekly review on, title of article tbd.

See ya next time. Well not see… but you know what I mean.


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