Andrew’s Pull List – Week 3

It’s a 5 titles week again spread across Marvel, Dc, Image and Vertigo… enjoy.

1) The Unwritten: Apocalypse #8. “Sang Part 3 of 3” by Mike Carey with art by Peter Gross.

I am on this book because it’s almost over. I once really enjoyed this book but for the life of me I can;t figure out why. I can follow the story and would suggest this book to anyone but I can;t really understand why I like it so much. The art is OK, the story is OK… sometimes a little to full of itself but still OK. Rarely does this book stand out… oh well only a few issues left.

It’s always a 2.5/5 with this one.

2) Fables # 143, “A Ring of Glass and Shadow or The Last Weyland Smith Story; Chapter 3 of Happily Ever After” by Bill Willingham art by Mark Buckingham.

This comic is almost over and I hate it. I am going to immensely miss this book when it ends and I am really enjoying where the story is going. It seems like everything I love is ending! All my favorite shows and books are wrapping up! The issue was awesome, it progressed the story along well and Bill Willingham always knows how to hit me in the feels. I am looking forward to the climax of Bigby’s story as well as the climax between Rose and Snow White. This story is building to a head and I can’t wait to see it happen.

it’s 4/5 this time. This was an issue that mainly progressed the story without any big reveals. All in al a good next chapter. Except Weyland’s story was sad.

3) Manifest Destiny #9, “” written by Chris Dingess with art by Matthew Roberts.

This book is amazing, you all need to be on this book. For those of you who don’t know about this books, its about Lewis and Clark exploring the American wilds and discovering all sorts of mythical and deadly beasts. There is a mystery of arches and half buffalo half men and a plant based zombieish life form and giant bugs and more and more awesomeness each issue and they venture further into uncharted territory with a group of people wholly unprepared for the new world they are finding. This book touches a lot on the emotions that the characters are having and I feel their reactions are very much how people would react at the time to what they are seeing. It’s a well written book and expertly drawn.

it’s 5/5. Always is 5/5!

4) New Avengers #23, “All  The Angels have Fallen” written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Kev Walker.

Dealing with the fall out of Namor destroying an Earth is the main focus of this issue. It was interesting to see the heroes slowly coming to terms with who and what they have become, each in their own way. Bruce Banner having a drink, finally figuring out a way to free himself of the Hulk, Beast kind of being told off be Beast 2( from another timeline… i guess… I dunno), Dr. Strange being told off by Wong. Tony Stark finally beating his addiction to alcohol, Black Panther, apparently after fucking Storm, talking about his love for her, Reed seeing his family, Black Bolt screaming out his rage on the moon, alone, and Namor just causing general mayhem. The reveal of Namor and his Cabal is crazy. This book is a surprising regular hit.

This book is a 5/5, it consistently surprises me with how human they make this major players and how they consistently deal with the fall out of their decisions.

5) Batman and Robin #34, “Robin Rises: Ties that Bind” written by Peter J. Tomasi with art by Joe Patrick Gleason.

This is the only DC book that is really worth a damn. This is seriously the best version of Batman currently being written by anyone. I love this version of Batman, he is so human and kick ass that I would gladly and proudly call it my favorite book. This book is great, he consistently writes Batman in a human and genre defining way. That being said this issue starts out fantastically with Batman asking for and receiving forgiveness from the remaining bat kids.  However there is a really needless scene with Lex Luthor and Dick Grayson.

This book is also a 5/5. This is the best Batman out there. There are two things I am bummed about, 1) no bat team adventures in Apokolips. 2) The stacks are really high for the characters but they are not really because you are not going to kill off Batman this way, no one would, it makes no sense, so there is no need for everyone to think he may not come back. It;s Batman, DC’s cash cow… now way is he not surviving. 


See ya next week. I am looking forward to it! There are some awesome books coming out.


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