Concert Review 1: Said The Whale w/ Oh No Yoko! and Chains of Love

On Saturday, April 21st 2012, Said the Whale came to town and played at the Park Theatre. They were in town to promote their new album Little Mountain. They were accompanied by two other BC acts, Oh No Yoko and Chains of Love.

Oh No Yoko! were up first and they impressed me. They had an interestingly high pitched front man and a crazy face making bassist. I actually got to talk to the bassist a bit after their set, while buying their cd Pau Pau. They had a good energy and filled the room with good vibes and good music.

Chains of Love followed and they honestly were terrible. The lead singer both, ironically, looked and sounded like Yoko Ono. It was terrible vocals over weird 60’s-esque pop music. The bassist looked like she was falling asleep and honestly the rest of the band looked about as excited.

When Said the Whale takes the stage the energy of the room just changes. They know how to control the emotions of a room with their song choices. Said the Whale kind of just dominated the show. They played for about two hours and pretty much played their entire catalog. I had even made a request that they play my gfs favorite song on their facebook and twitter page. They got back to me and played the song I wanted. It was one of the best shows I have ever seen, especially since they are on of my favorite bands and always put on a fun and exciting show.


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